170813 Lama web

LAMA Trail

The LAMA Trail…the anticipation of today’s trail was huge for all teams and a first for PetTrailer UK trainer Becky. When we stood in the stable in the morning together with 6 lamas weighing 150-180kg, some participants wondered if this would be too much for our dogs. Carina’s detailed and competent explanation of her sociable […]

scent article

Scent article – what is it?

The most important thing to find an escaped animal with specially trained search dogs is the individual scent of the missing animal. If one has to ‘generate’ this only when the animal is already gone, experience has shown that it is very difficult. Because no matter where you try to find hair, saliva, or maybe […]


Mannequin Challenge 2017

We have done it Mannequin Challenge 2017 with our Austrian PETTRAILERS together with their partner company PERRO – Klagenfurt. With thanks to all participants and a very sincere thanks to Alexandra Wiedenhofer. Check out their funny video:   https://youtu.be/x-ooqz_Bo0g  


Austria – 1st Complete Animal Search

Done! The first complete animal search in Austria (probably Europe, if not worldwide ) 16 of our Austrian Pettrailer collegues participated in demanding trails ranging from 200m to 1.4km, depending on their starter class. It was great that in addition to Basic 1 and Basic 2 participants, 3 more professional PETTRAILERS joined the ranks!