Pettrailer Trainer Training

Mantrailer / Pettrailer Trainer

If you are interested in participating in our course / training (start 12th May 2018), please contact us in time. Just visit us on one of our numerous training sessions, or come to one of our events and compare our offer.

In our network (D-A-CH, UK, SLO) we offer sound and professional training to become a Mantrailer / Pettrailer Trainer.

Our newly developed training concept is state-of-the-art. The training includes a well-thought-out and well-structured mix of theoretical and practical learning content.

Taught in meaningful blocks, theoretical learning and practical exercises alternate with each other.

The individual training modules of the trainer training take place in Vienna, Graz and Klagenfurt – Austria.

First, a few words about the structure of the training:

The training period, from the first module to the completion of the training, is about one year.

The training is divided into nine basic modules with different learning contents. These basic modules are expected to take place once a month, training days are always Saturday and Sunday. In addition to pure theory modules (2 weekends), there are also practical modules in which only one’s own dog is used (3 weekends), as well as mixed modules, which consist of theoretical and practical elements (4 weekends).

In addition to the pure training modules, our trainer education includes other important building blocks. In regular, exclusive trainer training, the work is built with your own dog and promoted the personal experience in mantrailing. By supplementary observation appointments (shoulder glance, shadow running) at events, exams or the offered trail vacations, the prospective trainer receives organisational skills and learns a lot about the practice of the training.

If you are interested in our training, we would like to inform you about our concept, the training path and the possibilities to work as a trainer in this area.

Training Overview:

Workshop Description Start date End date
WS-1 Theory Basics 1 12.05.18 13.05.18
WS-2 Theory Basics 2 16.06.18 17.06.18
WS-3 Practical Module 07.07.18 08.07.18
WS-4 Theory + Practical 08.09.18 09.09.18
WS-5 Theory + Practical 13.10.18 14.10.18
WS-6 Practical Module 10.11.18 11.11.18
WS-7 Theory + Practical 08.12.18 09.12.18
WS-8 Theory + Practical 19.01.19 20.01.19
WS-9 Practical Module 09.03.19 10.03.19
Final Exam 20.04.19 21.04.19

* Appointments can be made in coordination with the participants
** All training modules usually start at 10:00

Internships and participation in the trainer training are individually arranged, can be completed before the official start of the training, but are already fully included in the training costs. The above mentioned modules take place in the area Vienna, Graz and Klagenfurt.

Questions and answers:

What does the training to become a trail trainer cost?

You pay a one-time registration fee of € 500.00. After successful registration, you will be able to participate in an internship and train your trainers immediately. With the beginning of the basic modules (WS-1), monthly tuition fees of € 200.00 will be due over the planned training period of one year. The multi-day final exam with certification is optional, the examination fee is € 300.00.

What additional costs are incurred during trainer training and internships?

No! All this is completely covered by the one-time registration fee. There are also no other hidden costs or paid additional modules. Cost transparency is very important to us! ATTENTION: If you come to Trail holidays, accommodation and food must be paid in addition! Also arrival and overnight for appointments outside your place of residence.

How often will you be working with your own dog?

In addition to the practical modules in the context of trainer education, we offer post participation in our internal trainer training sessions. There are no additional costs for these sessions, they are also included in the training costs.

Do I have to take a final exam?

No! The final exam is only required if you are aiming for certification as a Mantrailer or Pettrailer Trainer.

Is it also possible to book the training workshops individually?

That is not intended. The workshops are coordinated both in terms of content and teaching and, in our opinion, make sense only in the context of a complete education.

What happens if I miss individual workshops because of illness / unavoidable circumstances?

If there are only a few absences, we try within the other dates or through a self-study of the content to create a balance. In principle, the training and the final exam can be extended beyond the planned year. Missed modules are then simply made up in one of the following study programs.

Will tuition continue if I extend the duration of the apprenticeship?

No! The tuition fees run exactly 12 months, then the monthly payment obligation ends. Missed training modules can be made up for later free of charge.

When can I start with my own trail groups?

Unfortunately, this can not be answered in a lump sum. The practical work with own customers is however an important element of the training. The trainee trainers are purposefully and well prepared for, so that a start of own groups can usually take place well before completion of the certification.

Do I have any contractual obligations after the training?

Definitely not! With us, the training is decoupled from financial obligations, or re-certifications, as that are common in franchise systems. Later participation in our network, e.g. as a certified base, is optional.

If you are interested, we would like to inform you in detail, even before registering for trainer education.

Are there different trainer training levels?

Not with us! We consciously decided not to teach basics in our trainer education, which will be deepened in further education levels. With the end of the trainer education, a trainer trained by us is sufficiently trained and qualified to train mantrailing and pettrailing, in the area of ​​leisure & employment with teams of different performance levels.

I have already started or completed an apprenticeship elsewhere, can I get this education transferred? What is recognised?

In principle, it is possible to start a career in which parts of an already completed training are recognised. We check and decide such cases individually. Please contact us if this is the case.