Professional Pettrailer

We have reached another important milestone for our pet search association PETTRAILER. We have promised to offer the acceptance tests as soon as possible. For this purpose, a separate examination had to be prepared and written down.

We did not want to reinvent the wheel, but the challenge was to optimise and harmonise existing auditing regulations in detail. An important guide in the transformation were also your wishes and suggestions.

The access restriction for ‘external’ was overturned and the free re-examination was allowed to enter the examination regulations. In addition, the Examination Regulations should be ‘translatable’ in order to reorganise already passed examinations from other organisations.

All this and a lot more has been achieved after intensive discussions. The final version of the examination regulations was signed today. We are especially pleased that, right from the start, the auditing regulations have been extended by other trainers in the field of PET. Mantrailing will be recognised and used.

In future, the PETTRAILER Association will be the only certified organisation in Austria to examine our teams on the basis of the ‘Mantrailing Company’ examination regulations.