Trailing explained

What do we do?

Pettrailing or mantrailing is the search for a specific ‘runner’ (animal or person) by a handler and dog team. The dog acquires the scent of the runner from a scent article (which could be hair, clothing, or a door handle touched by the runner) and uses its amazing sense of smell and instinctive behaviour to find the runner.

The runners scent is as unique as a fingerprint and is left everywhere the runner has been. Dogs are able to differentiate between different scents in a variety of environments (ranging from a busy city centre to mountainous areas) and are therefore able to follow the unique scent trail left by the runner.

Who does it?

This incredible skill is utilised by the police, military, search and rescue organisations and is now available for you and your dog to try!

All dogs have noses; all dogs can learn to trail regardless of breed, age or ability.

Trails are tailored to suit individual teams making it an activity which is open to all.

Why trail?

Strengthens the bond and trust between you and your dog by working in partnership to solve a problem.

Reduces stress and anxiety by the release of ‘feel good’ hormones.

Builds self-assurance, self-motivation, independence and confidence through successful problem solving.

Gives the team a purpose and a job to do.

How do we do it?

PetTrailer UK will teach in a structured manner following the syllabus and assessments for pettrailing and mantrailing developed and practiced in Austria and adopted by companies in Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

The teams will be led through the various training stages ranging from Basic 1 to Professional 2 with progress recorded in logbooks. The ultimate goal is to train future Pettrailers to the highest standard using only positive training methods.